I have never worked out before and/or have injuries and/or am extremely overweight.  Can I still join boot camp?

Yes!  Coulee Region  Boot Camps focus on creating challenging workouts for people of any fitness level at the same.  Whether you are 60 or 16 years old, an athlete or innactive, you can come to class and be challenged at your own level.

 Will I experience muscle soreness?

Yes, you will experience muscle soreness when you first add resistance training to your program.  We provide offday exercise and self-correcting stretching to help reduce soreness as well as Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint to aid your body in recovery.

What makes Coulee Region Boot Camps different?

We guarantee results.  If you don’t lose a clothing size in 30 days we give you a full refund. Our fitness boot camp is specifically designed to turn your body into a fat burning furnace 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

 Is there nutrition involved?

Yes, nutrition is the most important part of a fat loss program.  Every client receives the Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Program.  You will also receive gender specific quick start guides with delicious recipes to give you different options to help your body burn fat daily.

 Isn’t cardio the best way to lose fat?

Cardio can be an important part of a fat loss program, but it should not be your primary option.  Nutrition and Resistance Training are the keys to crank up your metabolism and melt that fat away.

What do I wear to the boot camps?

Wear comfortable and breathable clothing.  Avoid anything too baggy as that makes it difficult to monitor your form and movement quality.

 Do I need to bring anything?

We will provide equipment for campers when required, but please bring a yoga mat, towel and water to each camp.

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