Milk: It Does the Body Good

Milk has been consumed by humans for centuries.  Recently though, people have been making claims that the benefits of milk are just propoganda from the dairy industry.  That dairy contains dangerous hormones that can negatively affect our health. 

So which side is right?  Men’s Health recently shared some research results that show milk it the power house food many of us have known.

So is Men’s Health speaking the truth, or are they drinking the milk kool-aid?  I believe milk is one of nature’s finest food. It is a great source of protein and calcium.  But I grew up on a dairy farm so maybe I am biased. :)

Anyways… what about all the millions of people that are lactose intolerant.  They say our bodies are not made to digest milk.  True, SOME people may not be able to digest milk properly.  However, those  people are having trouble digesting pasteurized, homogenized milk.  Studies have shown that people who are lactose intolerant can comsume and digest milk that has not been pasteurized (raw milk) much easier.  So maybe its not milk, but pasteurization that is the problem.  Pasteurization kills most of the bacteria that is in milk.  This is done to protect against certain diseases that are caused by bacteria that can very rarely be found in milk.  The interest fact is The US has more cases of these diseases than other countries that do not pasteurize.  

I am starting to ramble, but the point is this.  Milk is very beneficial for your body.  For healthy bones, strong muscles and to lose fat.  Raw milk is even more beneficial to your body as it is easier to digest for lactose intolerant individuals.  Raw milk has contains many beneficial bacteria that would otherwise be killed during pasteurization.  This beneficial bacteria (probiotics) is essential to proper intestinal and gut health.  When you consider that over 75% of your immune system is in your digestive tract, this seems like a good thing.

But Anthony, where do I get raw milk? I thought it was illegal to buy & sell in most states?

Glad you asked.  It is illegal to buy and sell raw milk in Wisconsin and most other states in the US.  However, many farms allow you to become members of their “coop” for a small fee and that gives you the right to purchase rights to their milk.  That is perfectly legal.  So it you live in the La Crosse area I suggest checking out St. Brigid’s Meadow.  We purchase raw milk from them and it is phenomenal!!  They are also certified organic.  So go to their website and check them out.  They are more than happy to have vistitors and show you around the farm.  It’s what farms should be like.   If you do happen to decide to purchase product from them, tell them Anthony Dix sent you.  I don’t know if it will do any good, but it doesn’t hurt to try.